I Feel Empowered as a Young Lady

Education is a substantial investment and is an important empowerment tool that helps our students to engross and achieve success in their personal and professional life.

Raja’ Nassar, a 23-year-old female, lives in Gaza city with her family, made up of ten members. Raja’ joined Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme, as she was an outstanding secondary school graduate, and has been enrolled in Al Azhar University in the Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) program. Raja’ stated: “CSE is a challenging field for women in Gaza, yet it is very promising for a career”.

Raja’ is an active Al Fakhoora student. She participating in many advocacy activities during her studies and had great passion towards social media and virtual communications. She expressed “I am very inspired by Al Fakhoora’s spirit and encouragement. I always felt enlivened to compete with my Al Fakhoora fellows and to be outstanding in my field, as I was very determined to make an academic achievement!”

By 2014, Raja’ completed her five years of study with high honors, topping her fellow colleagues. Raja’ has been hired as a teaching assistant in Al Azhar University to teach two courses, Computer Logic Design and Computer Architecture and Assembly, for sophomore and junior students in the university.

Raja’ commented “I would not have been able to reach where I am today without Al Fakhoora’s support. I am very proud of myself and my family is so happy with my achievement. In fact, having the full financial supporting for the university tuition fees and covering my other expenses has contributed in reducing the financial load on my family and has further given the chance for my brother and sisters to continue their undergraduate studies. Studying engineering is very expensive, and under the crisis we are living in, my family would not have been able to finance my studies.”

Raja’ is very ambitious. She kept discussing her future plans and how enthusiastic she is to go further in her education, feeling empowered as a young lady and experiencing work within an educational sector. She said “I would like to have my master’s degree and I would like to be more creative and to become a pioneer in my field. I will work hard as Al Fakhoora alumni to achieve success and improve my skills. I hope to become more productive within the academic sector in the future…”