Frequently Asked Questions

– How can I apply for Dynamic Futures Scholarship?
Go to Application Center click on apply now to access the application page, you will be required to sign up if you don’t have an account or click on manage current application to sign in if you already have an account.

– Can I save application progress and continue later?
Yes, after you create your account, you will receive an email with application link, your username and password. You can always access your account through that link or you can sign in directly if you have an account through this link.

– What does the Scholarship cover?
SPARK Scholarship student tuition fees/ enrolment, and a monthly stipend to cover basic expenses, such as local transportation and study materials.

– Am I eligible to apply?
Please find the eligibility criteria in About the Scholarship page in Application Center.

– Under what circumstances my scholarship might be terminated?
•The scholarship is terminated after the expiration of the contractual obligation period stipulated in the contract.
•Scoring under the acceptable rate (72%) in the end-semester results may cause the scholarship to be terminated.
•Student violation of University/ Higher Education Institution’s code of conduct can cause termination at any moment during the studies.
•Dishonesty and misbehavior towards SPARK staff or university personnel can cause termination at any moment during the studies.
•Repeated absence from classes without valid justification can cause termination at any moment during the studies.
•Receiving scholarship funds from other agency, person or organization. Duplication of scholarships is strictly prohibited.

– Can I apply for Dynamic Future scholarship offered in other countries?
Unfortunately, you can only apply for the scholarship offered in your country of residence.

Can I apply if I reside in Gaza?
Unfortunately, at this moment the scholarships only target students living in West Bank and Jerusalem.

– What is the equivalence certificate? And how can I obtain it?

Equivalence certificate is generally obtained from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. It is a state authentication of your high school degree. We advise you to contact the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to know more about the procedure.

– Could the scholarship cover graduate studies (masters, PhD)?

Unfortunately, no. SPARK scholarships cover a variety of short-term courses, vocational education programs and Bachelor’s programs.

– Is English a prerequisite for the scholarship?

This depends on the language of instruction per program. If the language of instruction is English, then a sufficient level of English is required.

– Will SPARK help us find a job?
SPARK is a not-for-profit international organization that develops higher education and entrepreneurship to empower ambitious youth. The Dynamic Futures programs providers only higher education to underprivileged youth, and unfortunately cannot provide jobs after the education period. Nevertheless, the program provides constant mentorship to scholars which would help you to shape your career.

– What if I did not find answers to my questions here?

Please contact the SPARK country office on the following email Palestine@spark-online.org

– I am having difficulties with submitting my application.
Please contact help.hes@spark-online.org if you have any technical difficulties with your application.