Fakhoora Graduate organizes TEDx in Gaza

“Fakhoora has inspired us to be global citizens, spread the word of Gaza and speak up for Gaza and its youth. Fakhoora Virtual Majles (Council) was my first platform to reach our global audience. Now, I have taken the lead in mobilizing eight youth from Gaza, one of them are from Al Fakhoora fellows, to organize the first Fakhoora TEDx event in Gaza” – Israa Yasin

On October 29, Gaza scheduled its first TEDx platform, under the name Tedx Sheja’eya, the name of a Gazan suburb that inspired the world of resilience during the 51 days of war on 2014. Israa, an Al Fakhoora Alumni, obtained her bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the Islamic University in Gaza on 2014. Israa is known of her activism in Gaza, lobbying for youth. Being among the early group of students who participated in Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Virtual Majles (Council), which commenced in 2010, Israa expressed “The activities of Al Fakhoora engaged me with the community and youth. This made me closer to people and understand what youth wants, so I can lobby for their ideas. The Virtual Majles experience in particular engaged us with students from outside Gaza. This has made me realized how much people are thirsty to listen and learn about Gaza”.

Israa added “TEDx platform is just another reflection of what we learnt in Al Fakhoora, thinking outside the box and initiating a platform to unveil the beautiful face of Gaza. It is not only about the war and miseries, but it is also about the potential of our youth. We are creative and intellectual, holding ideas that are worth spreading globally. This is our message”.
TEDx will host 100 youth and 7 speakers in an event that will be on the spot globally. Israa concluded that this is a very interesting experience that will deeply impact her skills and enhance her qualifications.