Al-Fakhoora students pave their way to the entrepreneurship sphere

Contesting with 70 creative business ideas, Al Fakhoora junior and senior students were able to carry out their participation with two business ideas at the Startup Weekend in Gaza, a platform that encourages young Gazans to work together and walk the road of entrepreneurships.

In October 2015, 29 teams worked over three days to develop their business ideas with demos, business plans and presentations to showcase to a panel of business professionals. Eleven Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholars worked together for the first time in a harmonious team on two main business ideas.

Ahmad AlQeeq, a computer engineering alumni, led the development of the first idea. Ahmad stated that “the idea is a mobile app called ‘Feed Me’, a user-friendly app that builds a database for restaurants, their locations, and their menus. Thus, people can set dates, times and their orders before they reach the restaurant. This idea was completely developed by Fakhoora students who decided to work as a team, gathering different capacities of IT, market, graphic design, filming and business planning. A mix of junior and senior students that highlighted a passion towards creativity and entrepreneurship.”

The second idea was ‘Keep It’, a mobile app that markets secondhand products to potential customers. This encourages people to keep their old products and sell them online. “Working with other Fakhoora students is very interesting. We feel like one family. Being qualified from the first stage to the second is a winning itself” expressed Batool Daban, a junior student in the Computer Systems Engineering program, who facilitated the second group.

Haneen Shahwan, an Al Fakhoora Senior Scholar in the Computer Engineering program, joined her university classmates and developed ‘My Day’ mobile app which organizes the daily budget. She said “As Al Fakhoora posted about this event on Facebook, I hurried to apply and urged my friends to apply. When we qualified for the second stage, we continued to work as a team. I find it a great challenge and educational journey”.

Al Fakhoora team were honored to win the best demo designs. Dalal Azeez, one of the students, has been offered a free access to an online training of social enterprise building with an international mentor. As for Haneen Shahwan, she won with her team the third place.

Haneen expressed: “I cannot have a better feeling. This is my first participation. I feel honored that I won. Also, these three days were a great learning experience. I think this is a great example of how we can move from just looking for jobs into creating our own businesses. I will work to develop this app and hopefully we can make a business out of it.”
Ahmad AlQeeq concluded “I think we won the knowledge. We won as being on Fakhoora team. We won to have a branded prestigious name among Gaza community. Al Fakhoora students are truly paving their way to the entrepreneurship sphere.”