Bridging knowledge and Experience!

Advocacy and leadership induction workshops have been held in early September 2015 for the new Dynamic Futures Scholars. The interactive sessions involved master trainers who took new students on Al Fakhoora’s journey of empathy, learning how to be in someone else’s shoes and advocating for their own case.

“Providing reflection on my journey with Al Fakhoora was a self-actualization experience. I felt that I actualized more than five years of experience with Fakhoora’s advocacy workshops. We had the honor to facilitate, backed up by the master trainers”, stated AbdRaheem Mahlawi, an Al Fakhoora Medicine alumni.
AbdRaheem, jointly with Israa Yaseen, a computer engineering alumni, facilitated the master training and the delivery of the workshops that gave invaluable reflections on their civic engagement with multiple Al Fakhoora advocacy activities since its inauguration in 2010.

“I was so happy being with the new group of students. I think having this training at this stage with lots of tools provided is essential, such as how to follow SMART approach when designing a campaign and how to consider the seven survival skills of global achievement gap as basic needs to improve”, stated AbdRaheem. He added: “this is a special experience that motivated me personally to be further engaged in the training domain”.

Moreover, Israa expressed: “framing what we learnt from AlFakhoora over the last five years made me realize what I have learnt and accomplished during these years, and why I feel different from my peers now”.

Both AbdRaheem and Israa stressed the difference between training and teaching, as Israa explained: “We conducted an interactive training, provide inspiring models and practical examples with fun environment and challenging stereotype with ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, which will leave a deeper impact and more tangible results on the new students, who are promising students with high potential”.