About Us


Founded in 1993, SPARK is an independent international development organization with about 80 staff members in offices in South-east Europe, Middle East and Africa. SPARK focuses on youth, between 18-35 years, equipping them with knowledge, tools and motivation that allow them to play a unique role in leading their conflict affected societies into prosperity.
SPARK believes that sustainable economic growth is essential for establishing self-reliance and thereby poverty alleviation. Creating jobs for youth in conflict affected societies and enabling an environment for youth improve their socioeconomic position are central in this vision. Through job creation SPARK aims to diminish potential for conflict, giving special attention to marginalized groups, including women, returning refugees and IDPs.

About Education Above All

Education Above All (EAA) is a global initiative founded in 2012 by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. EAA’s aim is to build a global movement that contributes to human, social and economic development through quality education and other welfare programmes and initiatives. With a particular focus on areas affected by poverty, conflict and disaster, EAA champions the needs of children and youth and empower them to be active members of their communities. By meeting the demand for education, EAA equips them to support sustainable development and to nurture environments of peace, security, justice and prosperity. EAA is the umbrella organization overseeing three core programmes: Educate A Child, Al Fakhoora and Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC), as well as one special project, the Kakuma Project. ​

About Al Fakhoora

Al Fakhoora is a programme of Education Above All Foundation that works to promote the right to education in conflict post-conflict states by unlocking a new generation of marginalized youth to become educated, professionally skilled and inspirational leaders of the future who can guide their families and communities toward cohesion and prosperity. ​ Al Fakhoora takes its name from a UN school in Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp that was the scene of an attack during the 2009 hostilities. The symbolism of the name ‘Al Fakhoora’ as a refuge, and a place for compassion and care, is very significant to us and is mirrored in the support that we receive from our partners, who offer us their continued time, guidance, funding and facilities.